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Title: Architecture Designer

About Steven Carruba

I am Houston born and raised. A product of the excellent HISD school system, I eventually learned how to read and was off on my adventures in education. AutoCAD was one beneficial class they did offer in High School, and that set me on the path I have followed. Thinking Medicine was my calling I spent one year at the University of Texas at Austin, hated it, and transferred to University of Houston to study English and Theatre. I left all of that behind to pursue my true calling: sitting in front of a computer, in air conditioning, drawing homes. I am married to a woman who, unaccountably, settled for less than she should, and we have produced one amazing little girl.

When I’m not working my interests include: laying down for long periods, watching bad TV, and sleeping. I also like to read, build model wood ships, and invent things that will never, ultimately, be produced. Occasionally, I will participate in a local theatre production.

Steven Carruba’s Credentials

I have been designing homes in Houston since 1993. Designing for a small custom builder in the Houston Heights was my first job, and from there I went on to work for a number of prominent local architects and custom builders. At some point I spent a year designing custom furniture. After spending many years on the design side I started a custom design/build company and built many fine custom homes throughout Houston. That was an adventure, but I decided that working with an excellent, and talented, custom building team could be just as rewarding, and give me more opportunity to create amazing homes.