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Alma Ayala

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Title: Decorating Supervisor

I was born and raised in Mexico City but consider myself Tex-Mex now since Houston has been my home for the past two decades.

My love for design started at a very young age, when I realized I preferred building and decorating the houses for my dolls than actually playing with them. That childhood hobby grew to an adult passion, and I decided to follow it. I got my BA in Design,and have been blessed in making a career out of it for over 15 years, helping clients translate their ideas into realities while creating spaces that adapt to their own taste and budget.

In addition to being a designer, I’m a proud mom of two amazing young adults, who are now pursuing their own dreams themselves. I am also an avid lover of travel and adventure. I find that every new place I experience only further inspires my love for design and architecture.

I am now lucky enough to be part of this great team that is as passionate and invested as I am in creating your dream home